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I train often at New York Sport's Club W 23rd St location on 23rd St & 8th Ave. Yesterday (9/22/10) I was an ad for Kettleball call for Thursday (9/23/10) at 1pm. I went to the front desk and signed up. I "clearly" wrote my name and cell # as well as my email address. The class was for 1pm. I work in sales and I"m all over the city. In order to accomidate the 1pm class on Thursday (9/23/10) I rescheduled my appointments, and had quickly hop on the train from E 76th St & 2nd Ave inorder to get to the gym on time. I took two tranis, ran up the stairs, changed, at this point I'm drenched in sweat from the weather being quite warm and I"m in cuff linked shirt and dress pants. I get to the front desk to inquire about the class and I'm told it's cancelled. I was shocked, and responed "what do you mean cancelled, why was I not notified? I wrote my name, cell # and email address on the sheet"? The response was they lost the sheet and I was livid and freakin pissed. Of course I asked the young man in the front who was very nice if I may have the email address of someone in corporate because I am going on an email frenzy. I was told to wait and the usual song and dance, I briefly spoke to a very tall, female who I know is one of the people in charge that someone will be "right with me". All the time employees are whispering and I'm getting pissed, upset, I'm sweaty, had to get dressed for a second time and I'm not very pleased. There was another gentlemen approx 30ish, sotcky who eihter works in sales and is usually in the office and he's watching this play out and didn't even bother coming over to assist. He didn't look like he was so called on duty because he was working out but I know he works there. He could've at least attmepted to help but was naturally whispering and looking at my direction. I finally spoke with a very young girl who was pleasant but I really don't think she was the mgr because I've been going to that location long enough to know who's in charge. She naturally apologized and offered a free class and I told her I don't need anything free just the damn email of corporate. She gave it to me and I left freakin fuming. Not only will I not return to that location, but I hoep by Nov 1st or sooner to end my membership as soon as I find another gym and one where the staff is not afraid to admit they scrwed up and not afraid to talk to an irate client. I work in sales, it's totally unacceptalbe what was done, the lack of follow through and the lack of the staffing caring enough to step up to the plate.

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