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New York Sports Club Reviews

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  • Illegally forging signatures on contracts

    Was a member at NYSC for a little over a year. Had personal training the entire time. After 13 months, i took a break from the gym and froze my account. A few months later, I get a phone call from their billing department stating I am past due $60 per month for my personal training contract. ***I NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR PERSONAL TRAINING*** I had her send me a copy of it and it was NOT my signature. NYSC FORGED MY SIGNATURE ON A LEGAL DOCUMENT. What kind of unethical practice are they running there?!?! I immediately told them to cancel my membership as I will never go back there. Now 1... More...
    jdangelo's Picture   jdangelo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Failed to Cancel Membership

    Hello. I'm sorry that I had to take this action. Back in Feb 2015 when my membership contract with NYSC terminated I requested to have my membership cancelled. I physically went to the club and spoke to the manager myself. He was ok with it given my contract expired that month. However despite that and even confirming over the phone the next day he failed to cancel my membership and in turn charged my credit card on March 1 and then again April 1st. This is simply ridiculous. How many times do I have to remind them to cancel a membership? It takes them so quickly to add a... More...
    LutherJim's Picture   LutherJim    0 Comments   Comments
  • See what means "One week guest pass" in NYSC

    It is instead a permanent month to month membership binding contract until canceled by you in writing, with cancellation fees applied: Just see below the excerpts from Monthly Sessions Terms and Conditions which you will sign before you can get this 1 week guest pass: "MEMBERSHIP You understand that your agreement will continue month to month until you cancel it by providing notice as described below at any time prior to the next monthly billing cycle. You will continue to have the services provided under this agreement until the end of the billing cycle in which notice is... More...
    proshlyak's Picture   proshlyak    0 Comments   Comments
  • NYSC 2/34 Street Staff Management and Staff are Lax

    Out of convenience, I've been going to NYSC at 2nd/34th for several years. In the last few years, I've experienced laxity in the management and staff regarding upkeep of equipment. In general, the equipment is ancient, but I put up with that. It's the staff's attitude regarding the maintenance and upkeep of equipment. Whenever, I've asked staff to remove a weight I can't manage, they say "it's the client's responsibility." Sometimes, I have to hunt for missing cable grips and still can't find them. Management seems to feel it's... More...
    (Spa Services)
    Rjrsm's Picture   Rjrsm    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Customer Service

    The worst customer service I've ever experienced!!! My firm pays for my Gym membership. I logged onto my NYSC account to get a copy of my receipt so I can turn it in with my quarterly spending account. Could not find a receipt anywhere. I called customer service and they said they don't offer receipts for monthly transactions. I said all my credit cards,electric,gas,cable,insurance all send me a receipt after the transaction has been made. They said I have to call back once a month and wait for twenty minutes for someone to pick up the phone and request a receipt. Are you kidding... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    frizazeld's Picture   frizazeld    0 Comments   Comments
  • NYSC - push hard sales and dont care

    Came to 86 and lex club to check what they have. I came to the store first, took classes schedule, then got back the same day, 10/30, in 15 mins, as I decided to get information finally. Told manager, I believe Mark, that I'm not ready to sign. He send me to sales person, MaryAnn who denied to give me any information about gym until I feel out membership card. I said I'm not ready to buy yet and need more information. She said hold on and left me for 10(!!!!) Minutes as she went to speak with someone that I'm not filling out the form. I left, angry. Mark was chasing me, and... More...
    maryannmark's Picture   maryannmark    0 Comments   Comments
  • NY Sports CLub Broadway and 80th Street

    After being a member for 5 years, I moved to Washington, DC. In the contract, it's clear that moving from NYC is a valid reason for stopping membership. I wrote a letter after I moved, giving my new address, etc. No response. The charges kept appearing on my credit card. On a visit to NYC, I stopped by the NYSC and asked why my membership had not been terminated. They pleaded ignorance, but said they would act--reluctantly. The charges kept coming. Today I'm calling American Express to take off last two charges. What a scam. More...
    Gragert's Picture   Gragert    0 Comments   Comments
  • LIED

    I went in to the NYSC on 86th and Lexington in Manhattan, NYC. I decided to take a tour and spoke with a salesperson. At the end of the tour we sat down in his office and he told me that he can give me a 10-day trial if I pay $49. I asked him if it is refundable and he said it is a hassle free refund if during the 10 days I decide to not become a member. The only reason I agreed to this was because he said it was a hassle free refund and I signed a paper, which to my surprise was my contract. Guess what? I contacted him on the 10th day to get my refund and he acted like he had no... More...
    irenelois1's Picture   irenelois1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Frank Edwards $29.00 fee charged to my CC

    I have received a charge on my CC for $29.00 on 1/2/2013. When I called to inquire about this unusual charge, I was told I signed a contract allowing NYSC to charge me this fee on an annual basis when my contract ends. My contract ends on 4/13/2013 and I didnt even know about this charge, it was never mentioned to me when I signed on at $49 per month. I was told I was on a month to month basis and could quit anytime I wanted. I dint want to quit but because they refused to credit me the $29.00, I quit. Other gyms in my area are offering me $29.00 per month 5-10 minute longer ride for me.... More...
    (Legal Services)
    FrankEdwards's Picture   FrankEdwards    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading Contract

    I have never posted a review about anything in my life, but feel so awful about my experience at this NYSC that I must! I am a NYC Department of Education teacher. A very poor teacher on a tight budget, might I add. A few weeks ago, I received an email from my employer that was promoting a new deal where NYSC is partnering with students and teachers around the city and is offering a lifetime membership deal of $29.95/month with no activation fee. The email directed me to my nearest NYSC for more details and to sign up. This deal sounded amazing, and even though there is a free gym... More...
    JSNYC's Picture   JSNYC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Going ons at NYSC

    The only gym in town were if you don't take training sessions with the gym trainers, the staff will harass you. And, if you complain, NYSC will terminate your membership. I can't say anymore because of a pending lawsuit. But beware of what is going on at 200 Madison Avenue, or at any NYSC Club for that matter. If you have been harassed or treated with disrespect at NYSC clubs make yourself heard. Don't let them push their trainers on you, unless you want to. NYSC should not be able to get away with stuff like that. Not in NYC. More...
    newyorkcity's Picture   newyorkcity    2 Comments   Comments
  • Useless

    The heat in the mens room at the 23rd and 8th Ave site has been intermittently off for the past two weeks. No on can give me a straight answer. I have e-mailed and called but no one responds. How can I work out then take a shower in Arctic conditions -- they do not seem to care. The staff are fine but management leaves at lot to be desired. I spend a small fortune on membership and personal trainers but I do not get the service I paid for. If this is not fixed soon I am quitting this joint even though it is very convenient More...
    (Spa Services)
    NYTim's Picture   NYTim    0 Comments   Comments
  • policy changes

    I recently (3 months ago) moved from another gym to NYSC. I only use the pool and I was given a promise that Two of the four lanes would be open for member swimming at all times. A month into the membership, they began closing three lanes for various functions but I was given the promise that one lane owould ALWAYS be available for members. Now the "NEW" policy is that on weekends the WHOLE pool may be closed for various functions. All along they keep spewing the corporate policy of total availability... More...
    sdpotter's Picture   sdpotter    0 Comments   Comments
  • New York Sprots Club customer service Bad Decision

    I have been a member at NYSC for at least 10 years. I use the gym Monday thru Friday at 5a.m. The total body conditioning class that I take on Monday morning at 6 a.m. in Croton on Hudson is being dropped at the end of April due to budget cuts. Yet there is a 9:30 class on Monday, a 10:30 on Tues., Wed., & Thurs. and a 10:30 on Saturday. I don't think there was any consideration given to those members that must come first thing in the morning. Why not cut one of the 10:30 classes? Aren't all members entitled to a great member experience...Am I not entitled to participate... More...
    amassey's Picture   amassey    3 Comments   Comments


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