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New York Sports Club Comments

NYSCsucks says: (3 years ago)
I was a member in Boerem Hill, Brooklyn. After regularly going for two years, one day I returned to the locker room, to find my lock broken and everything stolen. The Mgmt. suggested I call the police. I did, and filed a report. Once I did that, the Mgr. said there was nothing he could do to help as this was now a "Police Matter."
They didn't apologize or even offer a free month to compensate my loss!

frizazeld says: (4 years ago)
The worst customer service I've ever experienced!!! My firm pays for my Gym membership. I logged onto my NYSC account to get a copy of my receipt so I can turn it in with my quarterly spending account. Could not find a receipt anywhere. I called customer service and they said they don't offer receipts for monthly transactions. I said all my credit cards,electric,gas,cable,insurance all send me a receipt after the transaction has been made. They said I have to call back once a month and wait for twenty minutes for someone to pick up the phone and request a receipt. Are you kidding me!

rungirlrun says: (4 years ago)
New York Sport Club in Stamford, Commerce Park is horrific! I signed up for personal training in Nov- 2013. Upon my signing I made it clear that I travel the Manager "Chris" Assured me "oh you can freeze you training anytime just come and see me". I asked for my training to be frozen (which means no payment) for the month of December. Well in advance of the renewal date which is the 13th of each month. Guess what my credit card was charged on 13th! I quickly called my trainer and he said he put in for a refund I waited 10days nothing - another 5days nothing, so I called corporate offices left messages even spoke with a representative who told me it take 11days well hmmm by that point it was already 15days. Now its January 21st guess what NO Refund! so I am now going dispute this charge with my bank. This club has changed over the years the receptionists are rude they are not well trained Im not sure who the manager is because NO one is ever there. I've never seen a place of business that there is not always a manager or assistant manager there to take care of day to day. Apparently on Friday's NONE of them work. Its horrible this is what I pay for monthly.

scorpionad says: (4 years ago)
The "managers" at these clubs are high school drop outs and have no understanding of the business. they keep signing up members and don't have enough equipment and the existent equipment is broken so people fight over the machines. They cursed at me, and when i raised my voice they called the police to take me out and told me to never come back but they KEEP charging my credit card and I cannot stop them. I keep calling for hours and hours every day and cannot find anyone. This is a corporation which means they spend the least and charge the most , give you no service and make you sign life-time agreements as if you MUST marry them. It is outrageous that the government doesn't fine them and close them down. Nobody should have my credit card and charge it whenever they want!!!!

tomkelly15 says: (5 years ago)
i think they are a bunch of classless managers,,i joined on a month to month feb 2012..did not use the own fault..went to the downtown on broadway to cancel in july of 2012..was told the manager is busy it would be at least 20 minutes,,,ok,,,next month the same story,,haha well this time i figured it was a scam so when i did go in expecting a jerk story as soon as i walked out the door i had a friend walk right in and ask about a membership the manager was free,,,well they continued to charge my bank card...until i cancelled the card,,,now its june 2013 and they have me in collections unreal from a month to month membership for 89 bucks a month wow

gugerez2 says: (5 years ago)
Can anyone tell me which bank does business with NYSC?

ROEBALL says: (5 years ago)
i have a complaint , was at the nysc in danbury today 1/1/13 the gym was suppose to open for 7am. posted on the doors well, no one showed up until 740 and apparantly the person that opened the gym was an instructor and clearly said she is not responsible for openeing the gym, at the same time a new employee was there waiting to get in as well, her first day at the babysitty position, she didnt even know what to do, so everyone that entered the gym this morning was there with no EMPLOYEE ... i feel if i had all the intention of working out at 7 someone should be there..this happened one other time in the past and we got a 1mth free, ive been a member there for 15 yrs...very disappointed when i called and they said they couldnt do anything for us...

dadude says: (7 years ago)
I train often at New York Sport's Club W 23rd St location on 23rd St & 8th Ave. Yesterday (9/22/10) I was an ad for Kettleball call for Thursday (9/23/10) at 1pm. I went to the front desk and signed up. I "clearly" wrote my name and cell # as well as my email address. The class was for 1pm. I work in sales and I"m all over the city. In order to accomidate the 1pm class on Thursday (9/23/10) I rescheduled my appointments, and had quickly hop on the train from E 76th St & 2nd Ave inorder to get to the gym on time. I took two tranis, ran up the stairs, changed, at this point I'm drenched in sweat from the weather being quite warm and I"m in cuff linked shirt and dress pants. I get to the front desk to inquire about the class and I'm told it's cancelled. I was shocked, and responed "what do you mean cancelled, why was I not notified? I wrote my name, cell # and email address on the sheet"? The response was they lost the sheet and I was livid and freakin pissed. Of course I asked the young man in the front who was very nice if I may have the email address of someone in corporate because I am going on an email frenzy. I was told to wait and the usual song and dance, I briefly spoke to a very tall, female who I know is one of the people in charge that someone will be "right with me". All the time employees are whispering and I'm getting pissed, upset, I'm sweaty, had to get dressed for a second time and I'm not very pleased. There was another gentlemen approx 30ish, sotcky who eihter works in sales and is usually in the office and he's watching this play out and didn't even bother coming over to assist. He didn't look like he was so called on duty because he was working out but I know he works there. He could've at least attmepted to help but was naturally whispering and looking at my direction. I finally spoke with a very young girl who was pleasant but I really don't think she was the mgr because I've been going to that location long enough to know who's in charge. She naturally apologized and offered a free class and I told her I don't need anything free just the damn email of corporate. She gave it to me and I left freakin fuming. Not only will I not return to that location, but I hoep by Nov 1st or sooner to end my membership as soon as I find another gym and one where the staff is not afraid to admit they scrwed up and not afraid to talk to an irate client. I work in sales, it's totally unacceptalbe what was done, the lack of follow through and the lack of the staffing caring enough to step up to the plate.

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